Hair and Space Museum is the duo of Emily Pothast and David Golightly (who are also the co-founders of the band Midday Veil). HaSM performances are site-specific, multimedia meditations on the generative, cosmic properties of sound.

Past performances have included A Double Rainbow in Curved Air, a 12-hour overnight improvisation at Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery and Drone Chamber at NEPO House, a temporary transformation of a child's bedroom into a pocket cathedral of primordial vibrations.

Hair and Space Museum looked like benevolent cult leaders in their all-white attire.... At Cairo, HASM dropped a subatomic balm on the crowd. Golightly coaxed swarming cascades of Moog Voyager and Roland Juno-60 tones that seemed cruelly cramped by Cairo's tight dimensions. You could feel them vibrating around the ceiling, itching to frolic in remotest space. Pothast summoned deeeeep emotions and loosed them via her expressive repertoire of deliveries (earth goddess, soul healer, demonic diva)...

Dave Segal, The Stranger's Line Out